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about xo

Upon establishment in 2017, the XO team began offering mobile hookah services in the Charleston area during a time when not too many people were even familiar with hookah. After experiencing some discouraging setbacks, the XO founders remained steadfast and focused to make their vision for Charleston come to life.  Founders and owners— Dex, Qwaneshia, and Wayne, knew they wanted to show the city how to hookah, the right way.

Their goal was to create a chill, intimate and community-oriented atmosphere for everyone to enjoy the smoothest hookah in the city.  From young black professionals to blue collar industry hard workers, the XO founders knew the importance of an environment where everyone could feel safe and dive into a decompressing evening of fun.

The XO team takes pride in their impeccable service, high quality smoke and outstanding staff that treats you like family!

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